Use of TETRA: what has worked well and what has gone wrong - part 1

6/23/2021 5:43:12 PM 16:30 - 17:45

  • Short presentations highlighting specific uses of TETRA across multiple sectors and industries 
  • The presentations will demonstrate situations that have gone well, and not so well
  • Lessons that can be learned from these specific examples

Highways England Case Study: use of TETRA on a nationwide road network
Al Edwards, Technology Operations Manager & Sponsor, Highways England
& Robin Davis, TCCA & Actica Consulting

Use of TETRA at STIB: Public Transport Company in Brussels
Frédéric Jans-Cooremans, Project Manager at the STIB, Public Transport Company of Brussels

Al Edwards, Technology Operational Manager & Sponsor for Airwave Service, Highways England

Robin Davis, Director, Actica Consulting Ltd

Frédéric Jans-Cooremans, Project Manager, STIB, Public Transport Company of Brussels, Belgium